Small Tips for a Big First Week

This article is part of a series intended to provide career tips and insights to new Platinum sales representatives. Take a look at all the articles in this series for valuable tips on preparing for your new career.

Your first Monday in the field will set the tone for the rest of your week. You’ll quickly learn that if you commit to working the Platinum Process all day Monday, you will establish habits that can guarantee a successful week. This means talking to as many people as possible on Monday and filling your days with appointments.

One of the secrets to a successful Monday is the preparation you put in before you even drive out to meet your team. We’ve compiled the top tips from our experienced representatives, so you can feel confident on your first Monday.

    • Fuel and clean your car on Sunday, so it’s ready to go first thing Monday morning.
    • If you have any packing to do, including lunches or snacks, pack everything Sunday evening. Then, set your bags by the door. On Monday, you won’t have to waste any time worrying that you’ve forgotten something.
    • On Sunday, double check that your electronics””such as your tablet device and cell phone””are charged and packed. And don’t forget to pack your charger!
    • Review your trip route for Monday morning to make sure you know your way.
    • Get focused by reviewing your Mini-Guidebook and training materials, and jot down a few goals for the week. Also, review your Initial Contact one more time.
    • Use Sunday evening to wind down and go to bed early. Monday will be a long day, and you don’t want to put yourself at a disadvantage because you’re worn out.

Wondering what to pack?

Here’s a look at the things you’ll want to bring with you when you head out for the week.

Download the Packing List


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