How to Quickly Pass Your State Insurance Exam – Part I: Study Tips

This article is part of a series intended to provide career tips and insights to new Platinum sales representatives. Take a look at all the articles in this series for valuable tips on preparing for your new career.

Before you can begin your new career with Platinum Supplemental Insurance, state law requires you to hold a current insurance license in your state. This is a challenging test, but if you commit to these suggestions for effective preparation, you can pass it the first time.

Plan to Study: Has it been awhile since you’ve studied for a big test? With a little planning, you can adjust into a study routine, which will help ensure your success. Identify the date on which you would like to take your exam, then schedule approximately two hours each day for study. Choose a time and a place to study that will help you avoid distractions.

Use Your Study Time Wisely

  1. Read each word in the entire ExamFX glossary out loud one time along with its definition.
  2. Now go back and read each word and its definition out loud again. This time, put the words that you do not know the definition of on a 3 x 5 index card. Put one word on each card with the definition on the back of the card, like flashcards. It is important to know the words before you begin studying the chapters.
  3. Proceed to the first chapter and read the entire chapter out loud one time.
  4. Go back and read the entire chapter out loud again, this time taking notes as you read. Try to put the notes in your own words”“avoid copying them straight out of the book. The process of thinking about how you can put the notes into your own words will help your retention.
  5. After you have completed the first chapter, take the end-of-chapter quiz. If you score in the high 70s on the end-of-chapter quiz, you can go on to the next chapter. If you do not score in the high 70s, then go back to the beginning of the chapter and read it out loud again, taking notes all over again. Then, take the end-of-chapter quiz again. If you score in the high 70s, move on to the next chapter, but if not, repeat the process of reading and taking notes until you achieve the desired result.
  6. Repeat this process for each chapter. Remember that it’s a good idea to review your notes after you pass an end-of-chapter quiz so the material stays fresh in your mind before you proceed to the next chapter of new material. After completing all of the end-of-chapter quizzes successfully and reviewing all of your notes, you can advance to the simulated exam.

For more helpful tips and ExamFX resources, contact your personnel manager.


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