Platinum Careers: Culture

If you want to work with great people, market a premier product, learn from top sales leaders, and indulge in world-class trips and events, there is no place like Platinum.

Annual Trip – Atlantis Bahamas 2019

Finding Flexibility and Support in a Platinum Career

No matter your background, a Platinum career can provide financial stability, flexibility for life’s unpredictable moments, and an avenue to your personal and professional ambitions. Russ, a Platinum sales representative, is one of many whose story reflects the boundless opportunities Platinum offers. While experience is not necessary for a career with Platinum, it can certainly […]

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2020 Annual Trip Reveal – Dana Point, California

2019 Record Race

Platinum’s sales representatives work hard to make a living as they protect the livelihood of families across the country. To reward their outstanding commitment, Platinum offers a variety of incentives ranging from generous bonus opportunities to international trips, such as our Quarterly Trip Incentive, flying sales representatives to Costa Rica, Italy, Jamaica and beyond! As […]

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Conquering the Fear of Sales to Help Others

From raising two children to helping her coworkers solve problems, Kristal was always there to lend a helping hand. But after 17 years in the mortgage industry, Kristal was ready for a new opportunity—one that would allow her to help others in a whole new way. As Kristal explored career options, she was contacted by […]

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2018 Second-Quarter Travel Incentive – Kyle & Jade

Quest for Better Coverage Leads to Long-Term Career

“How will we afford our necessary healthcare services if we’re faced with a critical illness?” While most Americans have adequate coverage in place to address common healthcare needs, this question weighs heavy on the minds of half of Americans1. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 29 percent of Americans report problems paying medical bills, and […]

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2018 Bristol Motor Speedway Trip

2018 Alaska Leadership Trip

2018 First-Quarter Travel Incentive – Dan & Kristin