The Mini-Guidebook-Your Roadmap to Success

This article is part of a series intended to provide career tips and insights to new Platinum sales representatives. Take a look at all the articles in this series for valuable tips on preparing for your new career.

What is the Mini-Guidebook?

When you become a Platinum sales representative, you receive access to a full, detailed training guide. This guide teaches you everything you need to know to be successful using the Platinum Process. Not only is the guide helpful to new representatives, it’s also used by seasoned representatives when they need to brush up on the fundamentals. When you’re very new in this career, you’ll be given access to the first seven sections of this guidebook, or the Mini-Guidebook. Representatives have the most success when they focus on learning these first few sections before they begin training. They learn the rest of the guidebook during field training.

If you were recently contracted with Platinum, you should have received a copy of the Mini-Guidebook from your personnel manager.

What information is in the Mini-Guidebook?

The Mini-Guidebook gives you valuable information for mastering your sales presentation. You will learn how to properly introduce yourself to customers, how to set an appointment, and how to give an effective product presentation.

Why is the Mini-Guidebook important to me?

After you’ve studied for and received your state insurance license, studying the Mini-Guidebook is the next crucial step you can take to secure your success in your new sales career. Our trainers overwhelmingly report that those who have studied the Mini-Guidebook before coming to the field are better prepared, more confident and thus are more likely to make sales in their first week.

How should I use the Mini-Guidebook?

Here are a few helpful tips from other representatives and trainers:

  • Print a copy of the Mini-Guidebook and put it in a binder. You can keep this with you through your training. People tend to retain information they’ve studied better when it’s in print.
  • It’s not enough just to read through the Mini-Guidebook once or twice. Successful representatives learn this information, practice it repeatedly and memorize it.
  • If there’s one section in the Mini-Guidebook that’s the most important, it’s the Initial Contact. You will use this 30″“40 times a day, so make sure you focus on learning this.
  • Once you receive the Mini-Guidebook, try to reserve one hour of uninterrupted study per day. The weekend before you begin training, try to reserve two hours per day. Practice your Initial Contact, Presentation and your Close with a friend or family member so you’re comfortable presenting in front of a real person.


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