How to Quickly Pass Your State Insurance Exam – Part II: Test-Taking Tips

This article is part of a series intended to provide career tips and insights to new Platinum sales representatives. Take a look at all the articles in this series for valuable tips on preparing for your new career.

Before you can begin your new career with Platinum Supplemental Insurance, state law requires you to hold a current insurance license in your state. This is a challenging test, but if you’re prepared with the right tips before test day, you’re more likely to succeed the first time.

Schedule Your Exam Date: First, schedule your exam date right away. The time you take to prepare for your test will be more productive if you hold yourself accountable to a set due date. Also, if you wait too long to set your exam date, you’ll begin forgetting the things you’ve worked so hard to study.

Test-Taking Tips

  1. Get a good night’s rest the night before the test. Prepare anything you might need the night before, so you don’t create added stress for yourself the day of. And eat before the exam to help you stay focused through the test.
  2. Keep a positive attitude and pace yourself through the test. Read every question carefully. It is recommended that you read through the entire question twice before even looking at the optional answers.
  3. Read all four possible answers before selecting the one that is most correct. Sometimes the question will have more than one correct answer, so you cannot stop at the first correct answer. Sometimes it’s also helpful to mark out the choices you know are not applicable answers.
  4. If within a minute, you do not have an answer, move on. It’s more important that you answer as many that you do know as possible. You can either come back later, or another part of the test may give you clues to help you with the correct answer.
  5. Once you have selected an answer, stick with it. Do not go back and change your answers. This is proven to be unproductive.
  6. Remember not to place too much pressure on yourself. You need a C+ or better to pass. Do the best you can, and if you do not pass, you can study more and take your exam until you pass.


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