Platinum Careers: Renewals

A Successful Jump From Military to Sales

Upon graduating from high school, Ken served in the military for 13 ½ years, taking the lead of an Army parachute team and developing a passion for leadership. When his military experience concluded, Ken jumped right into driving jet powered trucks across the country. With a resume highlighting his skills in skydiving and fast cars, […]

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A New Career Is Not Always a Simple Choice

Lucas worked in sales for 5 ½ years before finding the Platinum sales career. He was drawn to the insurance industry because of his personal connections to cancer, heart attack and stroke, and he wanted to protect families from the financial devastation these illnesses can cause. Another reason he was interested in insurance was the […]

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A New Career Can Make an Old Dream a Reality

Before Daniel found his niche in sales, he worked as a ranch hand on several ranches in Montana and Nebraska. He and his wife dreamed of having a ranch of their own, but they would have to overcome the limitations on their income. Daniel decided then to pursue a sales career so they could advance […]

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