Draft a Winning Home Team

This article is part of a series intended to provide career tips and insights to new Platinum sales representatives. Take a look at all the articles in this series for valuable tips on preparing for your new career.

When you ask Platinum’s most successful sales representatives what contributed to their success, one common response is a positive support unit at home. Sometimes it’s a spouse, a parent or a friend. Either way, the support, assistance and encouragement you receive from a loved one is crucial to achieving your long-term financial and professional goals in this career.

Provide Information on Your New Career

Before applying and interviewing for this position, you did your research, you watched the career overview video and you asked all the questions you needed to ensure this was a viable career opportunity for yourself. Your loved ones did not go through that same process, so don’t be surprised if they have a lot of questions, and maybe some skepticism, about your new career. Show them the materials you’ve received and what you’ve learned about the commission opportunity, the high-quality product, and the first-class support and training provided by Platinum.

If you haven’t worked in sales before, don’t be discouraged if people doubt you until they see your first few income payments. Many Platinum representatives use this doubt to fuel their motivation to succeed. And, through our first-class training and simple sales system, Platinum has trained people from all types of career backgrounds to succeed in this career.

How Can Your Loved Ones Help You?

In order to reach the level of income you’re striving to reach, there will be adjustments. Platinum’s most successful sales representatives make these suggestions:

  • Have someone at home who will be your cheerleader. Someone who understands your goals. Someone you can call to motivate you when you need a boost. Chett Horner says, “My wife’s support has helped me succeed on this new journey. She keeps me motivated and organized when I am on the road.”
  • You may need assistance from a family member with expenses at the start of your career. Lila Pieper borrowed money from a family member to help pay for her state licensing expenses. She said, “Everyone has those initial expenses, with licensing, travel, food, childcare costs, too””they all add up. But, that first week’s bonus helps pay for it all. Where there is a will, there is a way.”
  • Do you have a family of your own? Make your home team part of your career decision and include them on your goal setting. Their support and help around home while you’re gone will ease your transition. Daniel Orton leans on his family to manage their Nebraska ranch while he’s on the road approximately four days a week. Together, they’re all focused on their ultimate goal to permanently own and operate their ranch land and herd of cattle.


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