Platinum Careers:

2023 Annual Trip Reveal – Coral Beach Cancun

2022 Annual Convention-Galena, IL

From an Internship to Full Career

Nathan was attending college at Iowa State University and found himself feeling stagnant with his current routine. He was working as a landscaper but wanted something that would give him transferable experience for the future. He began searching online and came across an internship opportunity at Platinum. He was drawn to the income potential and […]

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Working with Family and Looking Toward retirement

John has a long history with Platinum in more ways than one. He has been a policy holder for the last ten years but also has a family connection; his brother-in-law Steve also works for Platinum and has been trying to bring him on board for years. Since owning five different companies, the timing was […]

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The Platinum Difference

Platinum is committed to delivering the best products and services to help people through unimaginable times. Platinum sales representative Wendy O. retells what it was like to experience the Platinum Difference alongside her customer.  

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Leaving a Good Job for Greater Results

Thomas Marshall was referred to Platinum by a friend in February 2020. He previously worked on airplane parts for a large aerospace engineering company. After four months carefully inspecting the Platinum opportunity, he made the jump, and then things really took off. Thomas has a long list of notable career achievements that include many personal […]

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Unexpected Career Change Leads to Incredible Success

Prior to Platinum, Rebecca had a longtime career as a paralegal. When she found out the attorney was closing the office in retirement, her unexpected job search became more complicated due to recent news of the COVID-19 pandemic. After coming across a Platinum ad, Rebecca learned all she could from her Platinum hiring manager. With […]

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Life’s Unexpected Curves Lead to Platinum

Whether you call it divine intervention or coincidence, sometimes life circumstances align in mysterious ways. Devin Wise began his career in sales in the Oklahoma oil fields right after high school. Then, in spring 2020, oil prices collapsed, and Devin began considering other options. A few months later, Devin’s beloved grandfather died after multiple heart […]

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Finding Income Growth and More With Platinum

Jacob has a history of success in very social careers. He started out in marketing for a national beverage company and then worked as an admissions counselor for a vocational training program for young adults. Despite his continued career growth, Jacob experienced a common challenge—his pay did not grow alongside his effort. When he and […]

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From Ranch Hand to Sales Leader

If you want to understand the power of clear goals, ask Kelly. Kelly joined Platinum in October 2020. Right away, he recognized that Platinum not only markets the highest quality products, but the Platinum sales process is also the real deal. Shortly after completing his training with his team leader, Kelly declared his wishes to […]

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