Finding Income Growth and More With Platinum

Jacob B.

TITLE: Sales Leader
RESIDES IN: North Dakota
START DATE: August 2020

Jacob has a history of success in very social careers. He started out in marketing for a national beverage company and then worked as an admissions counselor for a vocational training program for young adults. Despite his continued career growth, Jacob experienced a common challenge””his pay did not grow alongside his effort. When he and his wife relocated for her new job, Jacob took the opportunity to look for a better paying career in sales.

Since his start in August 2020, Jacob has been one of Platinum’s highest performing rookies and earned 2nd place Rookie of the Year for 2020. He broke seven personal records in 2020 and, thanks to the extra effort he put in to master the Platinum Process, he quickly accomplished his goal to achieve team leadership.

“Once you have the Process down, you have a good starting point, and then the sky is the limit. It’s just all about effort and self-motivation,” Jacob says.

Jacob also acknowledges that the quality of the Platinum product is a significant advantage.

“When you go out across the whole state of North Dakota and compare every type of supplemental insurance and not a single one can even come close to what we’re offering, it really makes you feel good about it.”

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Sales is a great career path if you want your income to align with your level of effort. When you sell with Platinum, you’ll also experience the advantages Jacob did””top-quality products and unmatched company and team support. Apply now or call a Platinum hiring manager at 1-855-816-0065 to learn more.