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“The sky’s the limit. I could be a 20-year-old making money that someone who is 50 is making right now in a career they’ve been in for 25 years. You control your own destiny here.”

– David W., 2019 Platinum sales intern

You’re not looking for a job. You’re not even looking for a dream job (because who’s working in their dreams?). What you’re really looking for is great income, a desirable lifestyle, and enough time and freedom to enjoy it all. But, you’ve probably been led to expect that this is something you must work years toward. You must “pay your dues,” take an entry level position and “work your way up” – until who knows when.

What if you could turn that assumption on its head and build incredible income and experience now, unlocking more freedom for your future? In a sales career with Platinum, you can achieve your income goals much faster. You can be entry level but earn executive level income. How? Platinum offers a substantial opportunity for commission income and bonuses. We work hard to make sure our agents can offer the best products in the industry and that our agents are well prepared and supported. Make no mistake, you’ll work hard, too, but you’ll have the structure and guidance to steer you toward profitable results. There’s no better time than now.

Hear from a few reps who launched successful careers in our college internship program.  

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