No Joke: How to Achieve Top Income Outcomes With Platinum

From day one, Platinum Supplemental Insurance has operated with two priorities in mind:
1) provide the best product solutions to help families preserve their hard-earned ways of life, and 2) create a winning career path for hard-working individuals to achieve outstanding personal, professional and financial growth.

The Platinum sales career is a six-figure career opportunity. You will work hard, but hundreds of sales representatives affirm it’s well worth the opportunities it can create for you. It’s common for people to wonder if it’s too good to be true, so here’s a look at how it’s all possible.

There are 4 Ways to Earn Income at Platinum:

  1. Commission – You can earn up to 45% commission on the premium of each policy you sell.
  2. Renewal Income – Each year that a customer renews the policy you sold them, you can receive renewal commission on that policy, which compounds on your income.
  3. Bonuses & Incentives – There are weekly and monthly opportunities to earn hundreds and thousands in bonuses, plus regular luxury travel incentive opportunities.
  4. Vesting – After two years with Platinum, you begin vesting in your renewals, which means you continue to earn income no matter where your career takes you. You are 50% vested after two years and 100% vested after five years.

Example: One Week of Commission Income

Let’s take a look at a commission example for a typical first week as a new rep. A new rep will usually start out selling two policies a week, gradually building from there. The top commission on a new sale is 45%. Platinum reps are “advanced” 75% of their commission, which means you have most of your commission up front, and the remainder is earned as the policy premiums come in from the customer.

*Income example reflects 2024 incentive figures.

But, How Much Do Platinum Reps REALLY Earn?

Here’s how the facts stack up.

It’s always helpful to hear from the folks with first-hand experience: Meet current Platinum reps who have all changed their income future and learn their tips for success


*All income data calculated on representatives who complete a full year with Platinum. Results are not guaranteed. Actual individual results will vary based on performance, product sold and customer age.