The Income Potential at Platinum Was There When I Needed It Most


TITLE: Sales Leader
FAMILY: Wife and four sons
RESIDES IN: Nebraska
START DATE: October 2014

When Barry answered a Platinum career ad, he was most intrigued by the income potential. Fifteen years ago, he tried selling insurance for a brief period of time but decided to pursue a career in the bar and restaurant industry with his wife. After a number of attempts, unfortunately, his business did not survive. This put Barry’s family in a difficult position financially.

“When I started in 2014, there wasn’t another option other than to succeed. I wasn’t going to fail again, so I was 100 percent committed to the Platinum sales career. While it was something completely new to us, I promised myself to give it 100 percent,” Barry said. “I could have never imagined it would take me to where I am today, in such little time.”

New Career, New Goals

As Barry embarked on the Platinum sales career, he learned that the Platinum Process was key to his success. “We all have the same process available to us; we’ve got the same sales kits, same products we market, same type of people to talk to, and if you give it your all and follow that process every day, it’s almost fail proof,” Barry said. “You can have a bad day and maybe a bad week, but you’ll never have a bad month if you stick to the Process. I use the same process today that I started learning on my first day with Platinum.”

As he found success using the Platinum Process, Barry was exposed to career advancement opportunities. “Advancing to leadership provided me with a sense of accomplishment, getting to the next level,” Barry shared. “And, at that point in my life, I really needed that.”

Leading Others Toward Success

While working with new representatives, Barry makes a point to share his story of commitment and the importance of practicing the Platinum Process. “You have to be driven out here. It is easy to let your mind wander or let the stresses of life get to you and slow you down. You really have to be 100 percent focused and committed,” he shared. “I always ask new reps, “Why would you leave your family and friends for four days if you’re not going to give it 100 percent for four days?’ I preach the opportunity and income potential this career offers. It is pretty amazing that we can go out for four days a week, take some other time off during the year and still earn such high income.”

Platinum provides an equal opportunity for success through the Platinum Process. Barry learned this from his trainers, and shares it with his team. “No one has an advantage over anyone else. It isn’t really about talent, it’s just about how bad you want it,” he said. “If you follow the Platinum Process, knock on every single door, learn and use the system provided, and follow the steps in the presentation that this company teaches you, there is no doubt you’ll be successful. And, you can work with a high level of confidence knowing the products Platinum markets are the best in the field.”

While Barry was initially attracted to the income potential in the Platinum sales career, the ability to change lives secured his long-term commitment. “It’s hearing the success stories of other representatives and knowing their lives have been changed just like mine,” Barry shared. “And, I really love helping the families that we meet out here with the best product on the market.”