Platinum Believed in Me Before I Believed in Me


TITLE: Sales Leader
FAMILY: Husband and three young children
RESIDES IN: Nebraska
START DATE: July 2013

Lila values hard work. Before finding Platinum, she and her husband, Chad, both worked two or more jobs to support their family. Throughout her life, she has held many positions, including waitressing, bartending and sales. Lila has always enjoyed helping others and working with people. What she didn’t like was working for companies that did not follow through on their promises, continuously moving sales goals when they were just within reach. After putting in all the hours and time away from family only to see one more goal line pushed out, Lila was ready to make a change. She wanted three things: a career where she could help people, a career where hard work was valued and a career where she had a network of support. That is when she found Platinum Supplemental Insurance.

You Have to Find a Way

When Lila committed to a Platinum sales career, she didn’t have funds available to pay her state insurance license. This became a greater obstacle when Lila had to take the licensing test multiple times before she passed. Lila borrowed the money from a family member because she knew that if she could study, get licensed and learn the initial contact, she would find success in this career and would be able to pay the money back.

“Once I got licensed, Platinum’s sales leaders believed in me before I believed in me. They showed me that with the first week’s bonus, I could make back that money and pay off my loan with interest,” Lila said. “Everyone has those initial expenses, with licensing, travel, food, childcare costs, too””they all add up. But, that first week’s bonus helps pay for it all. Where there is a will, there is a way. Find that way, and you can make it happen.”

Advancing in Career and Life

Lila was able to surpass all of the personal, financial and professional goals she set for herself in her first six months. Since then, she has set larger goals and advanced into a leadership role. Plus, her husband no longer works two jobs and now runs their family farm.

“Platinum has changed my life,” Lila said. “Is it work? Yes, but I used to work a lot harder. And it wasn’t something I loved, and it wasn’t something I was ever going to get ahead on. I didn’t feel like I was helping myself or my family. I get all of that with Platinum.”