New Opportunities in a Familiar Landscape


TITLE: Group Leader
FAMILY: Two sons and one daughter
START DATE: May 2008

Mark started in the insurance industry in April 1983, after his career in the Texas gas industry slowed down. By the time he came to Platinum in May 2008, Mark knew the insurance industry well, and he knew what he wanted in his next opportunity.

For Mark, there were three priorities he had for a new insurance career: 1) unlimited income potential, 2) excellent residual income opportunities and 3) a sales process he could duplicate. When a friend told him about the Platinum sales opportunity, he knew he found the right company.

“The biggest factor [for me joining Platinum] was the residual income,” Mark said. “It’s greater than any other company that I have ever worked with. You can really build up, in a short amount of time, a good residual income””something that after you quit working, you’ll still get paid on it.”

After six months as a sales representative, Mark experienced the advancement potential at Platinum and moved into assistant team leadership. Eventually, he led a team of his own and then advanced into group leadership.

“I have always felt at home when selling Platinum products, thanks to the amazing financial benefits and working with an organization that goes the extra mile to help me succeed.”

Mark is focused on supporting a network of team leaders, helping them to build successful organizations through quality training. In his years training, he has seen how important it is for a new representative to come to the field prepared and ready to apply the Platinum Process.

“It’s not an easy job; you have to be willing to work hard. But, the Process is very well laid out. If you learn the sales system and follow it, there is no doubt you’re going to see results. I’ve done it for 8½ years.”