I Found a Career Where People Care About My Success


TITLE: Area Vice President
FAMILY: Mother and father
START DATE: November 2015

Wendy likes to help people. It’s one factor that led her to a successful career as a cancer researcher. But, after 10 years of working in a sterile laboratory environment, completing repetitious research, she was ready for a change. A career change that would allow her to work in a cancer- related field, provide an opportunity for her to work on a team and allow her to help others through her work.

Responsive Hiring

A researcher by trade, Wendy diligently examined new opportunities. “I was taken aback by the ease of Platinum’s hiring process. The personnel manager asked me great questions about my goals and work ethic. They provided me with videos and information about the career, and then I did my own reading about the company to make sure this was the opportunity for me,” Wendy said. “I don’t commit very easily, but when I do, I give 120 percent. Once I was contracted, I was ready to hit the ground running.”

Because Wendy was beginning in a new career field, she had to pass her insurance licensing exam. Once that was completed, she committed to studying the Platinum training materials that were provided to her. “I made sure I spent my time studying,  she said. “I wanted to make sure I was going to be successful in this career that I was spending my time and energy on.”

Traveling Down a New Road

Starting a Platinum sales career provided Wendy with a number of new experiences. Having only worked and lived in an urban setting previously, she had never worked in a rural environment. Wendy had never even driven down a dirt or gravel road before.

Wendy also got to experience a positive team environment for the first time ever in her career, with leaders and peers showing vested interest in her success.

“I made my first solo sale on Thursday of my first week. By Friday morning, I had received congratulations from all of my team members, trainers and leadership, from my team leader all the way up to the vice president of sales. It is such a positive atmosphere. It is amazing. I knew then that this is a career that I could be successful in.”

Achieving Success

With the financial success Wendy has experienced in her Platinum career, she hopes to help her parents retire and move closer to her. She also hopes to help as many new representatives achieve the same career and financial success in their Platinum career as she has experienced in hers. “It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you did. What matters is that we are all out there together, supporting each other.”