“Dream Job” Combines Financial and Personal Fulfillment


TITLE: Sales Leader
FAMILY: Wife and three young children
RESIDES IN: Nebraska
START DATE: October 2010

In early 2010, Tye was working in a secure corporate position, but he was losing his inspiration.

“I was just getting to a point where I was tired and fed up with the corporate America role,” Tye explained. “I was told what I was worth for the year, how much I was going to get paid and when I could take vacation.”

Tye is not alone. In fact, his situation is just one of many that the Platinum sales opportunity was designed to address. Hard-working people like Tye deserve a career where their income and their career advancement are not limited by corporate standards, which is why Platinum designed an opportunity for people to achieve extraordinary financial, professional and personal success.

“Platinum caught my eye with all the opportunity available, and here I am six and a half years later,” Tye said. “My family has been able to do things that I never thought we’d be able to do. Platinum is really a vehicle to get you where you want to go.”

Tye attributes his longevity and success in the Platinum sales career to the quality of the Platinum sales process. “I knew when I started that if I went out and followed the Process that I was taught, there was no way I could fail. That has held true my entire career. If you are willing to put in the work and listen to what you’re being taught, the sky really is the limit. You can control what you do out here. You’re your own boss. You get what you put into this career. If you put in great effort like most of us do out here, you’ll be successful.”

While the financial advantages are often what initially draw people to the Platinum sales career, for Tye and many successful sales representatives, the personal and professional advantages make the career satisfying long-term. For Tye, who lost his mother and father-in-law to cancer and watched his father battle cancer and his mother-in-law battle heart issues, the daily inspiration comes from a desire to help other families avoid financial strife in the face of critical illness.

Tye also appreciates the level of support he’s always felt at Platinum. “Working with Platinum is like working with a family. We want people to succeed here. We want people to achieve their goals without having to wait 30 years. I don’t consider this a job; it’s a dream. I have a lot of fun.”