After One Day, My Doubts About This Career Vanished


TITLE: Team Leader
FAMILY: Wife, one son, two brothers, parents
RESIDES IN: Wisconsin
START DATE: July 2014

Thanks to Platinum’s extensive training program and step-by-step sales process, people from all career backgrounds have experienced success in the Platinum sales career. Take Larry for example. Before finding Platinum, Larry had experience as a ski instructor, landscaper and restaurant owner.

But, Larry had bills to pay and a family to support, including his aging parents, so he needed a better income. One day, while looking at the job market, he came across an advertisement for the Platinum sales career and decided to call for more information. His personnel manager guided him through the licensing process, and he was ready to start. He was admittedly a bit skeptical about how this career was going to help him personally, and how he was going to find sustainable success in a career as an independent insurance representative.

“As soon as I got in my trainer’s car, we went right to an appointment, and I thought, “Oh, so this is what we do?! I’m not sure if I can do this,'” Larry confessed. “So, we drove around some more, and he wrote up a few applications, and I thought “Oh, Ok! I can do this. This is sort of my thing. I like being outside; I like being in the rural area, and I like talking to rural folks.”

But the real question was, could he make enough money, after expenses, to pay his bills and support his family? “I told my trainer that my goal was to cover my bills, and my trainer said, “Realistically, I think you can make that.’ The week I started, someone earned more in one bonus than I made in a month at my past job!” Larry explained.

“At the time, there were seven people on my team, and I thought for sure if one person could do it, I could, too. And, with the support of my trainer and my family, I continued on with it.”

For new representatives, Larry emphasizes the importance of learning the Platinum Process. He said studying the Mini-Guidebook before you start training is the best preparation you can give yourself for an honest opportunity at a successful Platinum sales career.

Larry persevered through his doubt and is now among Platinum’s leaders. He has heard many customer stories and has seen how Platinum-marketed products impact the lives of families with illness and injury. “The minute you mention cancer, heart attack, stroke, critical/chronic illness or injury to anyone, you can see it in their faces that they know someone, and their lives have been impacted in some way,”Larry said. “You see the flyers for the community benefits, change jars at cash registers of local businesses, ribbons and walks to raise money and fight illnesses. Nobody goes through these diagnoses by themselves either. Families go through these things together. And we help them make it through financially. Hearing customer success stories is very motivating. It is very real. And our products really help. It’s that simple.”