A Big-Picture Approach to Insurance

“That was the point of getting this policy-we didn't want to have to think about finances when it came to our health.” Kim Hames

The Hames Family

Kim Hames and her husband Steve are like many young, active families. They have been married five years and have three young children – 4-year-old Corbin, 2-year-old Nora and newborn Ava.

With the rapidly changing and evolving health insurance landscape, the Hames family opted to look above and beyond traditional health insurance as part of a bigger-picture approach to their insurance situation. As part of that strategy, they purchased a supplemental insurance policy marketed by Platinum Supplemental Insurance.

Kim said that when she considers her family’s budget, she likes to take a holistic approach to how their insurance dollars are spent. Having a supplemental policy allowed them to choose a much more affordable health insurance option from Steve’s employer.

“During the open enrollment period at my husband’s job, we looked at all of our insurance options and decided to go with the highest deductible plan because the premiums were really low””barely anything is taken out of my husband’s check,” Kim said. “We were able to do this because we knew we would be covered by our supplemental policy if there was a major issue.”

Regular Trips to the Doctor

As anyone with young children can attest, the doctor’s office can often seem like a second home. “We are young and active, and I also knew with Corbin being a little boy that he would be getting hurt, running into things, so the policy made a lot of sense to us,” Kim said.

“We didn’t want to have to think about finances when it came to our health.”