The Rewards With Platinum Are Bigger Than Income


TITLE: Career Development Vice President
FAMILY: Wife and three kids
RESIDES IN: Colorado
START DATE: October 2013

For 23 years, John-David worked as a sales manager for a transportation and logistics company. His greatest passion was helping others grow in their career and watching them succeed. However, his own career growth and income potential were limited, so John-David decided he wanted more control over his earning potential. When the Platinum sales opportunity came along, he was immediately interested.

“When I first discovered Platinum, not only did the career opportunity catch my interest, but so did the product,” John-David said.

Like many families, John-David’s has been impacted by critical illness. “I lost my father to cancer. My mother suffered from a stroke, and my brother had a heart attack. I saw the financial impact these experiences had on them, and that’s why I saw the value in Platinum’s product.”

Not only did John-David find the income potential for his family attractive, but he was also drawn to the fact that he could have a positive impact on a customer’s life.

A Desire to Advance

When John-David began his Platinum career, he didn’t know what to expect, but he knew one thing: He wanted to become a leader and help others succeed. It didn’t take him long to see the financial rewards of this career and accomplish his first goal at Platinum. In March 2014, he advanced his career into leadership.

Above all, John-David wants to use his Platinum career to help others. Whether he’s guiding new sales reps or helping protect a customer’s livelihood, John-David believes that helping others is the key to feeling satisfied in your personal life and career.

“Professional success helps you pay the bills, but when you can pass on your personal talents or help others get on their feet and succeed, that’s when life becomes rewarding.”