2019 Second-Quarter Travel Incentive – Lila & Family

Platinum sales representatives work hard day-in and day-out to protect families across the Midwest. To reward their dedicated efforts, incredible incentive opportunities are offered throughout the year. Each quarter, sales reps have an opportunity to qualify for a trip of a lifetime in one of several spectacular destinations, from the renowned art and rich history of Italy to Jamaica’s tropical paradise.

This year’s second-quarter winner was Lila, a dedicated rep who chose Italy as her vacation destination. While nothing is quite like seeing Italy’s wonders in person, take a look at Lila’s trip photos for a small taste of what a Platinum incentive trip is all about.

“Thank you, on behalf of my entire family, for your top-notch, non-stop, first-class efforts in making our trip so incredible! You truly went above and beyond – I feel so blessed to be working with such an incredible company that makes dreams really come true!”
-Lila, Platinum sales representative

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