Rep on the Rise: Thomas M.

Thomas M.

TITLE: Sales Rep
START DATE: February 2020

When Thomas started with the Platinum sales team on Feb. 8, 2020, his career took off like one of his fast-paced hobbies. By the end of his first month, Thomas locked in Rookie of the Month and broke two personal records. In June, he topped both the Rookie of the Month and Sales Rep of the Month leaderboards. That same month, he broke four more personal records, for a total of six career records – so far.

By the end of his 13-week rookie period, Thomas clinched Rookie of the Month once more in July and likely secured Rookie of the Year honors for 2020. In just his first 13 weeks, Thomas earned $20,500 in bonuses alone – not a bad way to start a new career.

“When I decided to switch careers, I expected to make more money. But, the amount of money that can really be made here at Platinum has been surprising,” Thomas admits. “I’ve been able to accomplish six months’ worth of goals in four months. It would have taken me at least five years in my old job.”

Thomas formerly worked on airplane parts for a large aerospace engineering company. While he was happy with his career and the life it provided, he could see what he was financially missing out on when he talked with his good friend and now team leader Brandon.

Thomas gives Brandon credit for showing him what it would take to be successful at Platinum. He has also been pleased with the training he’s received throughout his Platinum sales career.

“I felt so prepared working with Eydie (Platinum personnel manager), I was ready to sell $1 million on my first day,” Thomas jokes. “And, the help I’ve received from my team and leaders, I don’t know if there’s much else they could have done to set me up to be successful.”

When he’s not working, Thomas enjoys time with his girlfriend of seven years, who he says offers crucial motivation and support during his tougher days in the field. He also enjoys time in the Iowa outdoors, whether on his motorcycle or his new side-by-side (all-terrain utility vehicle). Next up for personal goals: a plot of land to call home and construction on a new “shouse” – a home with plenty of personal workshop and storage space for those fast-paced hobbies.

When Thomas began his career with Platinum, his main goals were to pay off his motorcycle and truck. In just 13 weeks, he’s also added a new UTV to his collection and is looking ahead to the possibility of buying land and building a new house.

Thomas’ advice for new Platinum reps? Having served in the Army National Guard, Thomas acknowledges that the discipline and integrity he developed in the military have also been critical to his success at Platinum.

“This is unlike anything you’ve done before. I’ve seen a lot of people who could have made it not make it only because they couldn’t get over the mental hurdle. “¦You have to have the discipline to put in the work. You have the freedom to sit in a parking lot all day, but then you’re never going to get paid. Which also brings you to integrity””doing the right thing when nobody is looking.”

Get your new career started today: Thomas dramatically changed his life and financial situation in just 13 weeks. His only secret? A combination of hard work, discipline and integrity. You can do the same, and the first step is simple””call a Platinum recruiter today at 1-855-816-0065.