When You Work With the Best, Success Is in Your Hands

Seth W.

TITLE: Regional Vice President
FAMILY: Wife, three children
RESIDES IN: Oklahoma
START DATE: January 2018

A goal cannot be achieved without dedication, drive, consistency and, most important, a supportive community standing behind you. These essentials, however, are often difficult to maintain, resulting in forgotten goals and left-behind dreams. At Platinum, our sales representatives tell a different story. They receive the support and tools needed to reach for – and achieve – their highest aspirations.

Seth, a Platinum sales rep, has been ambitious about his goals his entire life. During his college years, Seth worked in car sales, selling in the top three percent in one year. He later entered the oil and gas industry where he spent 12 years working his way up, becoming a part owner at an environmental consulting firm. When the time came for Seth to move on, he knew he had to find a career that could sustain his high level of income, allowing his wife and child to continue living the lifestyle they had become accustomed to.

At first, Seth turned to farming, only to discover the annual livestock checks weren’t going to meet his financial expectations. Then, having watched both his uncle and grandfather battle cancer and its unforeseen high treatment costs, Seth became intrigued by the opportunities an insurance-related career might bring. So, when Seth found Platinum and the benefit-rich cancer products it markets, he decided to apply.

The more Seth learned about the Platinum sales career during the interview process, the more the opportunity seemed too good to be true. “I was like, surely the money they are talking about is not possible, right?” Seth reflected. Then, he began training with one of Platinum’s leaders, and, a week later, he got paid. That’s when he knew the Platinum opportunity was real, and from there, Seth’s career took off.

Considering his countless achievements in just his first year with Platinum, which included agent of the year honors, it’s possible to believe that Seth is completely fearless to the traditional challenges of a career in sales. But, Seth points out that he pushes himself to overcome the same nerves and hesitation that all reps experience. Whether you’re knocking on your first door or your 300th door, “fear is just a natural thing,” Seth says. “But, you have to make it a decision. Are you going to let fear rule you and your mind, or are you going to take that step up to the first door?”

Seth is adamant that Platinum sales reps make up the best sales force in the country. “We have the best products, the best people and the best leaders. So, if you want to grow and succeed, it’s really up to you.”

From advancement opportunities to incentive trips, Seth is taking advantage of all Platinum has to offer. “I’ve gone on more vacations than I ever have in my life,” exclaimed Seth as he listed recent incentive trips to the Bahamas and the Kentucky Derby.

“There is no ceiling here. So, when I go out to the field each day, I know I am building a future. This is my business, and it’s up to me to grow it.”

As Seth’s Platinum career progresses, he plans to continue racing toward ambitious goals. With the help and support of the Platinum family and his family at home, there’s no limit to the financial, personal and professional success Seth will achieve.