Unexpected Career Change Leads to Incredible Success

Rebecca B.

TITLE: Sales Leader
RESIDES IN: Minnesota
START DATE: August 2020

Prior to Platinum, Rebecca had a longtime career as a paralegal. When she found out the attorney was closing the office in retirement, her unexpected job search became more complicated due to recent news of the COVID-19 pandemic. After coming across a Platinum ad, Rebecca learned all she could from her Platinum hiring manager. With a successful past in network sales and a big nudge from her family, Rebecca joined Platinum in a big way.

Since her start in August 2020, Rebecca broke eight personal records and etched her name in the history books as Platinum’s highest performing rookie. She also earned Rookie of the Year honors for 2020. In addition to her personal commitment to research and preparation, Rebecca also credits her success and career growth to the support she has received from her team and company leaders. She plans to pass that positivity on to her teammates and customers.

“I just feel good getting up every day knowing that every door I knock on is an opportunity to save someone if something bad were to happen,” Rebecca says. “I hope to grow our team so we can get out there and protect a lot of people.”

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