Taking a Chance at Sales Leads to Success

Nic B.

TITLE: Team Leader
RESIDES IN: Illinois
START DATE: March 2022

For several years Nic has been surrounded by Platinum sales representatives. He started to pay attention to the financial and travel opportunities his Platinum friends were receiving and decided to take a chance at sales. As it turns out, jumping to a new career with Platinum was the best thing for Nic.

Nic started at Platinum in March of 2022. He credits his team leaders for helping him get into a groove, feeling comfortable talking to strangers and overcoming the fear of the career. Shortly after finding his way with the Platinum Process Nic was promoted to Team Leader in July 2023. Nic’s goal is to continue the legacy of a successful team and build off the foundation that came before him.

“Just do it! There’s always going to be a reason to not do something, put in your full effort and lean on your support system, you will find success.”

Along with his team leaders, Nic also has a great support system at home, his parents and his girlfriend, Amanda, have encouraged him from the start. Since starting his career with Platinum, he’s had more time to hang with his family and friends, he found financial freedom and has been on multiple trips. Every day is different and that continues to be one of his favorite things about the Platinum Opportunity.

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