Rep on the Rise: Ryan C.

Ryan C.

TITLE: Team Leader
START DATE: May 2019

While working in the construction trade and studying business management, Ryan grew tired of working a 9-to-5 job. He wanted something more – something new that would push him to grow. That’s when an online Platinum career advertisement caught his eye. Intrigued by the experience and knowledge he could gain from such an opportunity, Ryan gave the career a shot – and, today, he’s very glad he did.

In Ryan’s first seven months at Platinum, he earned over $12,000 in bonuses, qualified for both the fall Cabo trip and Annual Trip to Dana Point, California, and conquered several personal goals, too. Looking ahead, Ryan aspires to move into a leadership position – something that is certainly possible with his dedication and grit, and the unlimited leadership opportunities at Platinum.

Q&A With Ryan

What has helped you achieve your level of success here at Platinum?
“All the support and training from management. The training helped me take off right away. I bet, basically on my first day alone, I knew plenty enough to be able to go out on my own and write business.”

What have you been able to do through the Platinum opportunity that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise?
“Everything. Buy my car I have now. Go on all these trips. I’ll spend a night out and have a nice dinner, and it doesn’t seem so hard.”

When Ryan started his career, he drove a 2008 Chevy Impala, owned by his parents. The Platinum opportunity allowed Ryan to purchase his very own vehicle””a 2014 Dodge Journey. It didn’t take long for Ryan to dream even bigger, leading him to the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT that he owns today.

What advice do you have for handling obstacles in the sales field?
“Every week there are going to be people telling you no, and you just have to be able to push the no’s by because there is always going to be a yes down the other road. “¦There are always going to be people out there that are interested in something like this.”

What makes the Platinum sales opportunity stand out?
“Whether it’s in sales, or just talking to people or whatever it may be, you always get good experience out of trying something new like this. Especially with this job, there’s a lot of experience and things you can learn from your management and your leaders.”

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