Finding Flexibility and Support in a Platinum Career


TITLE: Sales Leader
FAMILY: Four children, two grandchildren
RESIDES IN: Nebraska
START DATE: August 2013

No matter your background, a Platinum career can provide financial stability, flexibility for life’s unpredictable moments, and an avenue to your personal and professional ambitions. Russ, a Platinum sales representative, is one of many whose story reflects the boundless opportunities Platinum offers.

While experience is not necessary for a career with Platinum, it can certainly influence performance, and Russ’ winding career path did just that. After years spent working on a ranch and as a professional rodeo clown, not to mention a variety of sales positions, Russ built quite the resume. One day, as Russ leafed through his local newspaper, he eyed an advertisement for a Platinum sales position. “Even if the job did half of what the ad described,” Russ recalled, “I thought it would be a good deal, so I gave it a try.”

Little did he know, his sales background and ranch experience would prepare him for an exceptional career with Platinum. As Russ describes his background to potential customers, often farmers, Russ finds himself earning their trust and making connections. “These people know I can relate to them and that I understand the decision I’m asking them to make,” Russ explained.

For every customer Russ helps, he challenges his goal to help more. Platinum reps are encouraged to consistently set high goals and find a way to achieve those targets. Throughout this process, Platinum reps and leaders cheer each other on, pushing one another to grow and succeed. This personalized camaraderie continuously inspires Russ to keep reaching for more.

“You’re not just a number at Platinum. Everyone is an individual and is recognized that way by their peers, upper management and leadership.”

Along with Russ’ many successes, he has endured various health challenges requiring him to take time off work. “If I’d had a normal job,” Russ stated, “I would not have been able to maintain employment. Platinum provided the flexibility I needed to take care of myself and still attain high levels of achievement within the company.”

In 2018, Russ advanced into a leadership role with Platinum. He helped to grow Platinum’s territory into North Dakota. “Taking on North Dakota was just a challenge I wanted to do to test my skills as a leader,” Russ said. “I am proud of the agents I work with and the things they have accomplished, and how this opportunity has changed their lives.”

When Russ isn’t working in the field, he enjoys spending time with his four children and two grandchildren. Not only does his Platinum career allow him three-day weekends to enjoy extra time with loved ones, but it offers him enough financial security to support himself and his family. Russ explains, “Because of Platinum, I can help my grandchildren afford college””it’s a great feeling and a constant motivator to keep reaching for my goals.”