A History in Sales Leads to Financial Success

Kelly M.

TITLE: Team Leader
RESIDES IN: Oklahoma
START DATE: October 2022

Kelly is no stranger to sales. She worked for a jewelry company for many years but started to want more – a career where she could spend more time with her children, make a higher income, work less weekends, and create a fulfilling lifestyle. She found Platinum online and decided to take a chance.

At the beginning of her journey at Platinum, Kelly had to overcome some obstacles. She wasn’t in the best place financially. It took a lot of hard work and discipline but after six months, she successfully paid off over $10,000 in debt. After that milestone, she decided it was time to set bigger goals – a family vacation to the beach, something she would have never been able to do in the past. Later that year she took her children and her sister’s family to South Padre Island for their dream vacation. Since working at Platinum, Kelly has achieved goals that she never thought were possible and she continues to dream big. Her next goal is to build a home on some land and continue to build her financial wealth.

Kelly prides herself on being a team player and with her promotion to team leader, she plans to continue leading by example to help her team be successful.

“Come out and trust the process. Have open and honest communication with your leaders and you will be steered in the right direction.”

Kelly credits her success to the leaders that helped her from the beginning and is excited to give others the opportunity to grow and help them build their financial wealth.

In her free time, Kelly loves to fish—a hobby that she started while working at Platinum. She also loves to spend time with her four children, her boyfriend Randy and her family in Kentucky.

“What I appreciate most about Kelly is her support and positive attitude for others on the team. Whether she’s having a great day or a rough one, she always celebrates everyone’s success. ”
-John-David Peet , Regional Vice President