Rep on the Rise: Rebecca B.

Rebecca B.

TITLE: Sales Rep
RESIDES IN: Minnesota
START DATE: August 2020

Rebecca enjoyed the two long-time positions she held as a paralegal and in operations for her state’s gambling control board. She never expected to change her situation until she was laid off from her paralegal job in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With time to reflect, she realized she needed renewed hope for a better life and improved satisfaction in her career path.

“I realized I was running every single day, seven days a week, and I hadn’t had a vacation in 10 years,” Rebecca explained. “I applied to the ad from Platinum, I asked a bunch of questions, and after I took the test, I decided I wasn’t going back to be a paralegal. I was having more fun out on the road.”

Like many new to the Platinum career, Rebecca was surprised by the reality of the income potential. She’s been able to tackle financial goals much faster than would be possible in any other career. Rebecca proved how powerful a determined attitude can be when plugged into the Platinum sales opportunity. In just her first 13 weeks, not only did she become Platinum’s top rookie for 2020, but she also broke the record for Platinum’s highest performing rookie to date. She also broke seven personal records and earned over $38,000 in bonuses alone, proving that the sky truly is the limit with Platinum.

Q&A With Rebecca

Did you face any challenges at the start of your new career?
Fortunately, I’m used to being on the road and traveling. I had the money for expenses stashed away, so I had the start-up stuff taken care of. I was scared of not getting a paycheck, though. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to sell these policies, and then I wouldn’t have anything. But, I stayed focused on my goals, and the uplifting support and motivation from my team helped.

What makes the Platinum opportunity unique?
Platinum really cares about their people. If somebody is down or having a problem, the top leaders will pick up the phone and call to talk you through it, which I think is impressive. Also, the fact that your team is there for you. I know I can pick up the phone anytime and talk to anyone on my team if I need to. You have your family at home, but your team is honestly really a family as well.

What advice do you have for other rookies?
Set your goals. Write them on index cards and put them in your vehicle to remind yourself what you’re going for. Then go for it. If you have questions, ask. And, if you need a new motivator, ask your team leader. If I had a day when I just wasn’t feeling it, I would tell Tanner, and he would set something new to motivate me that day, or I’d find a way to compete with another team member.

Are you looking for renewed satisfaction or drive in your career? If you can bring a positive, determined attitude, we’ll show you how to be incredibly successful in our sales career. Apply now or call a Platinum recruiter at 1-855-816-0065 to learn more.