Quest for Better Coverage Leads to Long-Term Career


TITLE: Team Leader
FAMILY: Three children
START DATE: March 2007

“How will we afford our necessary healthcare services if we’re faced with a critical illness?” While most Americans have adequate coverage in place to address common healthcare needs, this question weighs heavy on the minds of half of Americans1. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 29 percent of Americans report problems paying medical bills, and 73 percent report cutting back spending on food, clothing and basic household needs as a result. Brad witnessed this scenario play out firsthand when a family ranch went into debt as a result of illness-related financial stress.

At the time, Brad was working as a financial adviser. He began researching insurance policies that would have provided his relatives more financial stability. Brad’s research led him to Platinum.

In addition to discovering the affordable, benefit-rich supplemental health insurance products Platinum offers families and small business owners, Brad discovered an enriching career opportunity and embarked on his own journey as a Platinum sales representative.

“I was a financial adviser for over 20 years, and I ask myself, did I really help people? But, out here with Platinum, there are catastrophic illnesses devastating families. I have helped more people with Platinum in 10 years than I did as a financial adviser in 20 years.”

Brad’s passion for helping customers and new Platinum agents has made him a well-respected leader. In 2008, Brad helped expand Platinum’s territory into Texas. Then in 2019, Brad moved from Kansas to begin building a new team in Georgia. “My mission here is to develop team leaders out of agents and to see the territory grow,” he said.

“Platinum gives you the financial ability to do what you want to do. I want to build up my residual income to prepare for retirement someday, and Platinum has given me an opportunity to do so.”