Offseason Opportunity Turns Into Life-Changing Career


TITLE: Sales Leader
FAMILY: Wife and two children
RESIDES IN: Arkansas
START DATE: October 2016

As a fourth-generation farmer in southern Arkansas, Stacey spent most of his time on the farm, growing vegetables, cantaloupes and watermelons among other crops. During his offseason in 2016, Stacey was on a quest to find additional income. After a positive experience with a Platinum recruiter, Stacey was confident that a sales career with Platinum was the right opportunity for him and his family, and he went to the field in October 2016.

Although nervous at first, Stacey realized the value of the Platinum products, and he completely committed himself to the training and understanding the Platinum Process. In just under a year, Stacey’s success in the field led to a career advancement of his own.

“To be honest, my only goal when I started out was to be able to make enough money to come back the next week,” Stacey said. “I knew if there was any problem and I couldn’t succeed, it wasn’t because of the products or the people. I have 100 percent control over my success and future.”

A Career Change for the Better
What started out as an opportunity for additional income in the offseason has turned into a life-changing career for Stacey. He prides himself on being able to provide rural communities top-of-the-line products that can potentially save farms and businesses.

“Hands down, the best aspect of the sales career with Platinum is being able to meet with current customers who have used our products,” Stacey said. “You learn that if they hadn’t had this policy, they would have lost everything. The income is great, but the feeling you get from being part of something so life-changing, money can’t buy.”

Stacey’s advice for anyone considering a sales career with Platinum: “This is an opportunity you don’t want to pass up. Just be yourself, and don’t be afraid to fail. You’re going to get a lot of no’s, but every no brings you one step closer to a yes. Persevere, and you’ll be amazed at what this opportunity can offer you.”