It’s Never too Late to Take on a New Career Path


TITLE: Assistant Team Leader
FAMILY: Husband, two sons
RESIDES IN: Minnesota
START DATE: August 2013

Prior to discovering the Platinum Opportunity, Tina worked for a printing company. After many changes to the field and the addition of automation within the company, Tina realized she was ready for a career change. She debated going back to college and continuing her education, but a lack of finances, free time and the thought of having to start all over caused the idea to dwindle. After hearing about the Platinum sales career from a close friend, Tina took the time to understand the policies and culture that Platinum had to offer and went to the field in August 2013.

“Going through a career change midlife is never a fun thing to do,” Tina said. “I didn’t want to go to school and start at the bottom of the ladder again. With Platinum, you can get your licensing and start right away. It wasn’t a two- to four-year commitment, and that was really exciting for me.”
From the beginning, Tina has felt the support of her team members and Platinum’s leadership and has experienced the advancement potential, moving into a leadership role of her own.

“The people that you work with, plus the hierarchy at Platinum, will do whatever it takes to make sure you succeed,” Tina said. “We all experience the same obstacles in the field, and it’s nice to know you’re not out there alone, especially when you are away from your family.”

It addition to her professional success, Tina’s hard work and commitment to the Platinum Process have brought her and her family personal and financial success to herself and her family. She enjoys sharing her success with her husband and two sons and taking them on vacations to new and exotic locations—something that was not possible before Platinum. When she’s not in the field, she also enjoys spending time outdoors with her family.

“The income potential is great but hearing that someone you met with is able to utilize their policy during difficult times is what really sets this career apart,” Tina said. “Knowing that we are out here saving people’s farms and businesses is the ultimate reward.”