Insurance That Pays When We Need It

“There's hardly a year that goes by that we don't have stitches of some sort or a broken bone. When you have four active kids, things happen-especially if you'e out in the country.” Margaret Van Donkelaar

The Von Donkelaar Fmaily

For Dave and Margaret Van Donkelaar, living on a rural acreage in Morris, Iowa, provides them with enough space to achieve two life dreams: continue their family tradition of working in agriculture and watch their four very active children playfully spread out and stretch their legs.

While Dave works full-time as a service technician at a local agricultural business, Margaret, the children and their livestock keep him plenty busy at home as well. It was a typical hectic night at home when an independent representative from Platinum Supplemental Insurance stopped by to introduce the Van Donkelaar family to a supplemental health insurance product marketed by Platinum.

“We were all over the place, as usual, but the representative actually worked around our schedule to share the information about the policy with us,” Margaret said. “He really took his time and explained everything. It made sense to us when you have four very active kids””accident-prone children, actually.”

A Secure Backup Plan When Accidents Happen

Not too long after the Van Donkelaars purchased their supplemental policy, their daughter Eva had an accident playing outside with their cats.

“One of her cats decided to go up on a beam in the alleyway of the barn. We have an older barn, and she decided she was going to climb up there and get it,” Margaret explained. “As she was climbing up the side of that alleyway, there were nails sticking out, and she lifted her knee right up into that nail.”

At first it seemed like a typical scrape, but Margaret knew better.

“Her knee got really red right away and really swollen, and it was right by a joint,” Margaret said. “I thought there was a good chance it could be infected right away, so I took her into the emergency room immediately, and they started her on antibiotics right away.”

Last August, Eva had to go back to the emergency room again, this time with a laceration on her foot after accidentally slicing her toe on a piece of glass that had broken in the garage.

“I say our kids are accident-prone for a reason. They don’t get it from a stranger””they get it from Dave,” Margaret joked. “I don’t know how, but he has a tendency to end up in the emergency room.”

So, it was no surprise to Margaret when their next claim was for Dave.

Dave was feeding the calves when his hand caught a piece of metal on the sliding door to their grain storage, and he cut his right thumb open. He finished his chores and then went to the emergency room for stitches.

An Unexpectedly Perfect Fit

It’s not often when someone knocks on your front door to offer you exactly what you need. But, for the Van Donkelaar family, that is what happened when the independent representative from Platinum stopped by their house.

“There’s hardly a year that goes by that we don’t have stitches of some sort or a broken bone,” Margaret explained. “When you have four active kids, things happen””especially if you’re out in the country.”

This made their decision to purchase a supplemental health insurance policy marketed by Platinum Supplemental Insurance an easy one.

“If we have any sort of help with the medical expenses, especially the unexpected ones, it really helps.”