Fulfilling a Passion for Helping People


TITLE: Sales Leader
RESIDES IN: Missouri
START DATE: November 2016

Prior to discovering the Platinum Opportunity, Casey worked in recruiting. After seven years, he grew tired of cold calling and realized he was ready for a change. “The market got stagnant, and our boundaries and business began to dry up. I saw the writing on the wall and decided to look elsewhere. I wanted a career that would let me help more people,” Casey explained.

After a positive experience with a Platinum recruiter, Casey was ready to fulfill his passion for helping people and went to the field in November 2016. His experience with serious illness gave him a personal perspective on the value of the products that Platinum sells and their ability to protect a family’s financial security in the wake of a catastrophic accident or illness. “My sister-in-law was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 29, and I’ve seen the financial struggle their family went through,” Casey said.

From the start of his Platinum career, Casey has shown dedication to the Platinum Process and has enjoyed consistent success. Within his first seven months in the field, Casey advanced into leadership and has been able to achieve the goals he set when he started out. Financially, Casey has been able to save up money for a down payment toward a future home.

“Platinum does not go by seniority; they go by your numbers. So, as long as you’re producing and out there working hard, you will be rewarded for it.”

Creating a Supportive Team Environment

When asked what advice he would offer to individuals who are entering the sales field for the first time, Casey said, “Keep an open mind and have fun with it. Take in what the trainers give you, and follow the Process. Soak up all that you can, and remember that there is always a support system behind you. Don’t throw in the towel too early.”

As a leader, Casey wants to build a supportive team culture. “I want to help new representatives have the same financial, personal and advancement success that I’ve had. If someone wants to go into leadership, I want to help them reach that level.”