From Punching a Clock to Knocking Out Big Goals

Ries B.

TITLE: Sales Leader
START DATE: August 2019

Ries was familiar with Platinum long before his sales career began. He grew up near the company’s headquarters and happened to know a few people connected to the company. But, a career in sales was not on his radar at the time. Ries was practically raised in the construction trade and planned to continue down that path. He earned a four-year degree in business and construction management, then landed a good job with a construction company.

Over time, though, Ries grew tired of the lack of advancement in his 9-to-5 job—despite proving high performance. He had watched a friend find success in the supplemental insurance industry, and, having always been intrigued by the opportunity and structure of his friend’s career, decided to try it for himself.

It wasn’t until Ries had already begun selling another company’s policies that he was reminded of Platinum and the high-caliber opportunities a Platinum career could offer him.

The Platinum Opportunity Difference
Platinum is known for its unique team atmosphere and leaders who lead by example—both of which influenced Ries’ decision to make the switch to Platinum. Once he started, he saw firsthand the advantage these Platinum values could have on his success.

“I felt like I was surrounded by an elite group of salespeople. I felt everyone was family over here. Everyone truly cared about my success, and it was great to be a part of an awesome team early on.”

Each week, Ries looks forward to coming out to the field and spending time with his team. “It’s just a group of like-minded people that are all self-motivated and share a lot of common goals. [It] makes it exciting.”

What’s also exciting are the financial gains Ries has made thanks to his Platinum career. “I’ve been able to purchase a house with cash. …I’ve got a Dodge Challenger that I wouldn’t have had if I wouldn’t have started here. I have a nice cushion, a nice savings account that I never would have had.”

More importantly, Ries’ mindset has changed. Before Platinum, Ries was simply existing at work, going through the motions and hoping one day for a promotion. At Platinum, Ries is motivated to work hard because he feels the work he puts in is more truly reflected in his paycheck—and in all aspects of his life.

The more Ries grows and develops, the more rewards he experiences, thanks to Platinum’s dedication to growth. Not only is Platinum expanding the locations where sales reps can work, but it’s also consistently creating new leadership opportunities for reps who are ready to advance. Take Ries, for example, who advanced into leadership after just six months in the sales field.

When he isn’t working, you can find Ries outdoors hunting and fishing. Working a four-day week presents more opportunities for Ries to enjoy these activities over the long weekends. He’s also busy fixing up the home he recently purchased, turning his past construction career into a hobby.

Ries’ work-ethic, positive attitude and determination helped him kick-start an incredible career with Platinum, which included Rookie of the Year honors in 2019. Read more about Ries’ rise at Platinum here.

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