From an Internship to Full Career

Nathan W.

TITLE: Sales Leader
START DATE: May 2019

Nathan was attending college at Iowa State University and found himself feeling stagnant with his current routine. He was working as a landscaper but wanted something that would give him transferable experience for the future. He began searching online and came across an internship opportunity at Platinum. He was drawn to the income potential and the four-day work week and decided this opportunity was too good to pass.

After an extremely successful internship, selling over $90,000 AP, Nathan decided to stay and pursue a full-time career. He realized this is an opportunity you will not find anywhere else, given the income potential and the three-day weekends. He also knew he could go back to school if this was not a good fit.

Within the first few months, he quickly advanced to assistant team leader, so it is no surprise he moved into the team leader position. He loves the that the career is exciting and always provides something new, like talking to customers and working with team members.

“I never thought I’d be able to have the income I do now at 23 years old.”

Since starting at Platinum, Nathan learned to trust the Process and trust himself. Everyone drives each other and he hopes to motivate his team in the same way. His number one goal is to build his team and create more leaders.

“We’re all going out doing the same crazy thing, just on different teams so there’s a Platinum bond that I think is hard to find anywhere else.”

When Nathan is not working, he loves to spend time outdoors, riding his motorcycle, hunting, and fishing. The three-day weekends give him the freedom to pursue his hobbies and spend quality time with his siblings and girlfriend, Mandy.

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