Better Together: Successful Careers Are Ignited by Shared Team Knowledge


TITLE: Sales Leader
FAMILY: Fiancé and one daughter
RESIDES IN: Colorado
START DATE: August 2014

David has traveled all over the world with family and friends and worked a variety of different jobs. David was familiar with sales but had worked mostly in print media, publishing and construction management. After watching some of his own personal connections succeed in insurance sales, David decided to pursue a career opportunity with Platinum.

To achieve his financial goals with Platinum, David knew he would need to make certain sacrifices in order to acquire his state insurance license and adequately learn the Platinum Process. “When I first reached out to Platinum and started the process of becoming a licensed representative, I was still working a full-time job that required 50 to 60 hours a week,” David said. “It requires effort. And it does take time to learn, but doing so is a commitment you make to yourself. A commitment to your goals and your success.”

Learning By Example

Once he completed the licensing process and started his sales career with Platinum, David carefully observed the Platinum Process and the financial success modeled by sales leaders and other sales representatives.

“I feel like the Platinum career opportunity was made for me,” David said. “I like to talk to people and socialize. To find a career that allows me to talk to people and connect, it has made me more of who I am.”

In just over a year, David’s success in the field led to a career advancement. “Platinum’s leadership is what helped me launch my career in the right direction,” David said. “They’re encouraging and lead by example. There are so many great sales leaders and team members. I always suggest that new team members find someone they can relate to, connect and then learn with them.”

Supporting New Reps By Modeling Success

David practices open communication with team members to learn more about who they are on a personal level and what goals motivate them. “Our sales representatives are so diverse,” David said. “But, they all have lots of energy and know that in this career, their own attitude helps dictate what kind of day they will have. They are all motivated by different things, and learning about them personally helps me guide them to other sales reps with commonalities, so they can connect,” he said. “It helps me lead by example and helps me train others to lead by example as well.”