Real People, Real Help

Every time a customer calls Platinum’s customer service team for assistance or to file a claim, they’ll reach a real person to help them all the way through the process. It’s just one of the benefits of the Platinum Advantage.

At Platinum, our customers receive first-class customer service from their first encounter to the claims process and beyond. Our customer service representatives are all licensed agents who go above and beyond to address our customers’ needs each time they call in.

For Jennifer, a Platinum claims specialist, helping customers and forging relationships are valued fundamentals. “Some of the things we do are so simple and so little that they don’t seem like they would make much of an impact, but people are grateful,” she said. “Even when they’re dealing with a bad situation, these customers show so much warmth and compassion for other people.”

“Usually the person who files a claim sits and wonders about the status of the claim, and wonders if things are actually being filed or moving forward. With Platinum, you have a claims specialist who is on top of things and would contact us frequently with information about the status of the claim and about what we needed to do next to get the claim filed. It was extremely helpful.” —Sandra Block, policyholder, Klemme, Iowa

Our commitment to service shows in every interaction we have with our customers. We understand the time and diligence required for each unique claim, which is why each claim is handled by the same representative from start to finish—it’s the Platinum Advantage.