Why We Meet Our Customers at the Kitchen Table

The kitchen table has been a substantial fixture in the lives of Americans. We gather to eat there. We lean on it to help our kids with their homework. And we rely on it to host our most important family moments and conversations. It’s always been our belief that the products we sell and the topics we discuss are important enough to discuss face-to-face””at the kitchen table.

We’re a multi-generational business built on the value of a personal face-to-face conversation. It wasn’t that long ago when it was common to see a salesperson come to your door and meet with you one-on-one in the heart and convenience of your own home. Since our beginning, those conversations have built trust with thousands of customers across America’s heartland. And that trust has helped us custom design supplemental health insurance products that respond to the real financial burdens our customers are facing.

Platinum was born out of a solution to a problem. As our founder Wayne Briggs met and listened to his customers, he noticed that existing industry products were consistently falling short of his customers’ needs. So, he set out to create benefit-rich policies that pay large lump-sum benefit amounts directly to policyholders who experience a common serious illness or accident. The ultimate mission: Provide the best insurance products and services so our customers can focus on recovery and not the impact on their finances.

Our customers are our neighbors, friends and family members. In our eyes, this is personal. That’s why we will continue to meet at the kitchen table and have these conversations.