A Well-Rounded Approach to Heart Health

February is American Heart Month and a fitting reminder to be proactive about cardiovascular health. Read on to learn how many Platinum-marketed supplemental insurance policies can fit into an overall heart-health strategy.

Heart disease is one of the most prevalent critical illnesses affecting Americans. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 1 in every 4 deaths in the U.S. is related to heart disease.1

It’s important, however, not only to be aware of the potential health implications of heart disease, but also its impacts on other areas of our lives, like our finances. According to the American Heart Association, direct and indirect costs of cardiovascular diseases and stroke are estimated to total more than $316 billion—that includes both health expenses and lost productivity nationwide.2

Policyholders Can Get Peace of Mind Through Good Planning
First, it’s important to be aware that heart disease can occur at any age and we should start taking steps now—even small ones—toward heart-healthy living. We can improve cardiovascular health by trying to be more active and physically fit.

Take a look at these seven ways to keep your heart healthy from the American Heart Association.

When it comes to protecting financial security, many Platinum-marketed supplemental health insurance policies can help cover the high out-of-pocket expenses associated with a covered critical illness. As our customers take strides toward living a heart-healthy life, they can have peace of mind knowing that, in case of a serious illness such as a heart attack, their Platinum-marketed policy can help them focus on their recovery—not their expenses.