Platinum Careers: Family First

The Unimaginable Possibilities of a Platinum Career

In 1994, Kevin was finishing up his professional basketball career in Europe when he discovered his daughter had a brain tumor. In addition to the fear and uncertainty of his infant daughter being diagnosed with a brain tumor, Kevin had not yet lined up full-time work, so finances were a concern. As he looked for […]

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Big Dreams Are Reachable at Platinum

Before Dave discovered Platinum, he worked as a ranch hand, living with his family on the ranches where he worked. Dave and his wife dreamed of owning their own house and property where they could raise their own livestock. They also dreamed about visiting family in Germany. In the 11 years they had been married, […]

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It’s Never Too Late for a Career Change

For 18 years, Dan worked in the banking industry, which included time as a mortgage loan officer. However, Dan’s job didn’t allow him to save the amount of money he desired for his family. Vacations were restricted to a tight budget, and planning for their children’s college tuition left Dan and his wife searching for […]

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