Life as a Platinum Spouse: Denise T.

“Even when we're not nestled in our log cabin by the lake, these people-Platinum-make us feel like we're home.” Denise T.

Home looks a little different to each of us, yet it often holds a similar meaning – a place to live, to connect with others and to feel supported. For Denise and her husband Shaun, home is their log cabin by the lake, their three young children and the Platinum family.

For the past 10 years, Shaun has worked his way through the Platinum sales hierarchy, from sales representative on into various leadership positions. “This is the happiest Shaun has ever been in a job,”  Denise explained, “and despite the bumps in the road, Platinum has created a home for us that we never imagined possible.”

Just six months into Shaun’s Platinum career, Denise was able to leave her full-time job and stay home to care for their children. For years, Shaun and Denise dreamed of living on a lake, but, content in their current residence, they didn’t plan to pursue this dream until their children were grown. All of that changed when Denise stumbled across a lake property for sale. “We bought the property the day I saw the listing,” Denise said. “With Shaun’s income, we had the financial ability to do so without much hesitation.”

It didn’t take long for Denise and Shaun to begin building their dream home on their newly purchased property. “One day, I realized we didn’t have to wait to pursue our dream – we could live it out now. So, we began to build our log cabin – a little paradise all our own,” Denise explained.

Denise acknowledges that, among all the opportunities, there are challenges and sacrifices to the Platinum lifestyle, similar to most high-earning positions. “I’m still a single parent during the week, taking care of the children and the house on my own. But, when we look at Platinum from a long-term perspective and consider what it has done for us, it’s all worth it.”

“This cabin on the lake is everything we wanted, and because of the Platinum opportunity, we get to live in it now – not when we are 55. Our kids will swim in the lake all summer long, they’ll play in the yard and we’ll take them to places I never imagined visiting when I was a kid. Platinum opened up a whole new world to us. It changed our lives.”

Beyond the financial incentives Platinum offers, Denise values the recognition Platinum extends to those supporting its sales reps. From showing appreciation to providing opportunities for spouses and other support persons to connect, Platinum’s efforts have influenced Denise’s experience as a Platinum spouse: “Platinum has greatly impacted our lives, and many people, including the reps, their support systems and the office staff, have become close friends. So even when we’re not nestled in our log cabin by the lake, these people – Platinum – make us feel like we’re home.”