The Key to Success Is the Platinum Sales Process


TITLE: Group Leader
FAMILY: Wife, two step-children, two grandchildren
RESIDES IN: Colorado
START DATE: April 2014

Chett and his wife owned a bar for many years and were looking to sell the business. One day, when Chett was working at the bar, a Platinum sales representative stopped in after his car broke down. During their conversation, the rep shared the Platinum career opportunity with Chett. In that moment, Chett decided he had found his next career. In April 2014, he began working in the field.

Chett was incredibly nervous going to the field. He credits the quality training he received with helping him to stick with it.

“My trainer really helped me understand the Process and showed me how it worked,” he said. “Then, I went home and practiced over and over and over. I got better at it through practice, and eventually it gets to be routine. It was a nerve-wracking first week, but the second week went well, and I have just kept working at it each day since.”

From his first day training in the field, Chett recognized the Platinum Process was different. He has worked with people that come from many different backgrounds and has seen firsthand that, no matter age or professional experience, anyone can be successful in this career if they work hard to study and stick to the Process.

“The Process will not fail you, if you study and learn the Guidebook front to back,” he said.

Chett also credits his wife’s support in the success he has found. “My wife’s support has helped me succeed on this journey. She keeps me motivated and organized when I am on the road. Home support is really crucial. I have a lot of goals set for myself and my family, and I look forward to working toward them in this career.”