A Little Risk Yields Rewarding Career


TITLE: Sales Representative
FAMILY: Wife, five children, 11 grandchildren
RESIDES IN: Nebraska
START DATE: June 2013

Before discovering the Platinum career, Jeff traveled the country teaching personal finance classes in community education programs. However, when the economy went downhill in 2008, so did enrollment in Jeff’s classes. He spent the next four years working for a local cable company, until that work declined as well. That was when he came across the Platinum Opportunity.

Jeff heard about the Platinum sales career through a newspaper ad. “I remember reading that I could make $100,000 in my first year in the field,” Jeff said. “I was skeptical, but I knew I needed a job. So, I called my personnel manager, and he answered all my questions, some of which he had never been asked before. He was persistent and didn’t beat around the bush. Now, here I am four years later, thankful that I took the risk.”

While out in the field with his first-week trainer, Jeff realized the potential that Platinum had to offer. In his first week on his own, he wrote eight policies. Combining his commission and his bonuses for the week, his paycheck totaled more than $8,000. “I wished I had found this opportunity sooner,” Jeff said.

With the tremendous support and motivation from Platinum’s leadership, Jeff also accomplished his goal of making more than $100,000 within his first year.

He credits Platinum’s proven sales process for his ongoing success and stresses the importance of the Process when training new sales representatives. Jeff believes that anyone, regardless of experience or background, can be successful in this career opportunity if they fully engage and trust in the leadership, the training, the product and the team atmosphere.

“Because of Platinum, I am a better human being. The work we do will force you to fight through the situation or fly. It forces you to operate so far out of your comfort zone, that you can’t help but become a better person by having to deal with things that you were unwilling to deal with before. Forget the money. The friends that I’ve made and the places that I’ve been have been unbelievable. But, the best thing about this, even at my age, is the personal growth. This is the best thing that has happened to me.”