Platinum Changed My Perspective on Leadership


TITLE: Assistant Team Leader
FAMILY: Wife and three young children
RESIDES IN: Colorado
START DATE: November 2015

Michael had a successful career working as a warehouse manager for a food distribution company. Long hours and stress began to take a physical and emotional toll on Michael. In 2014, he was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy in his face due to the stress of his job. Michael knew he needed to make a change for the sake of his health.

“I have had family members pass away at a young age from heart attack and stroke,” Michael shared. “So, my position just wasn’t fulfilling, as far as what I was getting out of it health-wise, nor did it make sense financially to sacrifice my health.”

Michael left his job with the warehouse and began working for a network transportation company, where he provided rides to individuals. Michael discovered that he enjoyed talking with and meeting new people, so when he found the Platinum sales opportunity, it seemed like a great fit.

“On my third day in the field, I heard a testimonial from a customer who battled cancer, had used a Platinum-marketed product, and was so grateful for the support and money they received,” Michael said. “From that day on, I was hooked. I knew this was the right career move for me and my family.”

Opportunities to Lead

Indeed, it was a great fit for Michael. He began his career in November 2015, and within seven months, he advanced into leadership. “When Platinum sales leaders started talking to me about my move into a leadership position, I thought ‘Wait a minute. I just came from a management position, and I don’t want that stress again.’ That is when I really started to see that leadership at Platinum is different,” Michael explained. “Platinum leadership is the opportunity to actually lead by example, support and motivate people.”

“We are protecting families and making an impact in their lives,” Michael added. “And, even if people don’t purchase, we are providing them with valuable information. You get to meet some really nice people along the way. I am from an urban area, and it has been just an absolute pleasure meeting and learning from all the farmers and ranchers I visit each day.”

The Platinum Process Creates Success

Michael attributes his success to keeping two things in focus every day: following the Platinum Process and genuinely wanting to help others. “It all starts with really learning that Initial Contact. Taking each step of the Platinum Process and mastering it,” Michael advises. “Smile and be genuine as you meet people. People will understand if you make some mistakes, because you are new to selling supplemental insurance. As long as you smile, are genuine in your interest in helping others and are passionate about the products Platinum markets.”