It’s Never Too Late to Have the Best Career of Your Life


TITLE: Team Leader
FAMILY: Fiancé, one son, one daughter, four granddaughters and two great-grandchildren
RESIDES IN: Nebraska
START DATE: May 2015

Doug was the sixth generation to own and operate his family’s ranch, which he did for 25 years. He then decided to diversify his resume with a variety of employment experiences such as real estate, auctioneering and restaurant management. His son eventually took over the ranch, and Doug began looking for new opportunities to help build his retirement savings. That is when he discovered the Platinum sales opportunity.

Work to Your Strengths

The idea of working with the rural populations appealed to Doug. He had always been self-employed, never working in a traditional office setting. He knew his past employment and leadership experience would drive his success in a Platinum career.

“Almost immediately, I realized the time spent with Platinum would give me more in return than I had initially anticipated,” Doug said. “My initial focus was to make as much money as I could for retirement, and Platinum has provided a path for me to achieve this.”

Focused on Financial Success

Due to his past employment experience, Doug was accustomed to wearing many hats when it came to sales. When he started his Platinum career on May 4, 2015, he saw the immediate income potential, which motivated him to organize his prior business affairs so he could focus on his Platinum career, and only his Platinum career. “If you’re going to succeed at Platinum and do what I am doing now, there is only one thing that can be at the top of the priority list to succeed, and that is Platinum,” Doug said.

With his focus on his career and income opportunities with Platinum, Doug advanced to a team leader position within a year. “I knew my past employment and leadership experience would lead me to success. What I didn’t know was that the advancement opportunities and financial reward could be as great as it is in a Platinum career.”