It’s Never Too Late for a Career Change


TITLE: Team Development Leader
FAMILY: Wife and three kids
START DATE: January 2008

For 18 years, Dan worked in the banking industry, which included time as a mortgage loan officer. However, Dan’s job didn’t allow him to save the amount of money he desired for his family. Vacations were restricted to a tight budget, and planning for their children’s college tuition left Dan and his wife searching for new ways to save.

At the end of 2007, Dan started to look for new career opportunities. He came across an ad for a sales position that offered four-day workweeks and three-day weekends, with the ability to earn a six-figure income in the first year. The opportunity to unplug and enjoy weekends with his family plus the ability to save money sparked Dan’s interest. He interviewed with Platinum and started in the field at the beginning of 2008.

“I was nervous my first week in the field,” Dan said. “This opportunity sounded so amazing that I wondered if it was too good to be true. Either way, I knew I had to try it.”

A Real and Unique Opportunity

Dan received training from experienced Platinum representatives, who showed him how to use the Platinum Process to reach his goals. Within the first 90 days, Dan discovered the Platinum Sales Opportunity was real and unique. In six months, he accomplished his assistant leadership opportunity, and after nine short months in the field, Dan was working as a team leader. Since then, Dan has served in several leadership positions.

Dan’s Platinum career also helped him and his family reach several personal goals. Nine months after Dan went to the field, his wife was able to leave her job to care full-time for their children. The family also began building savings to do some of the activities they could only dream about in the past.

“I became incorporated and have made this opportunity into my own business,” he said. “It’s an amazing feeling to own your own business.”