Fulfilling Dreams Beyond Financial Freedom


TITLE: Vice President of Sales Training
FAMILY: Wife, three grown children and three grandchildren
RESIDES IN: South Dakota
START DATE: May 2011

At Platinum, we believe that dreams should become reality, and as part of our mission, we have designed a path for our sales representatives to do just that. With perseverance, long days and the Platinum vehicle, Dave realized he could make his dreams come to life.

Dave started out in the agriculture industry as a farmer and agronomist. But those occupations didn’t always allow him to help others in the way he desired. Additionally, he wanted to leave something of value to his children—not necessarily money, but a lifestyle that would make them proud of their father. Dave ultimately decided he needed a new challenge that would allow him to give back to others and help them make their lives better.

After responding to a career ad in the local newspaper, Dave started his Platinum career in May 2011. Dave’s experience with serious illness gave him a very personal perspective on the value of the products Platinum sells and their ability to protect a family’s financial security during difficult times. Dave’s mother and father were both affected by cancer, and his daughter survived a stroke.

Within a year of starting with Platinum, Dave advanced into team leadership, and his career has only escalated from there. As a master of the Platinum Process, Dave has been an influential mentor to many Platinum sales representatives. He has also advanced into several different leadership roles, including his current position as vice president of sales training.

“This opportunity isn’t just about you succeeding.” Dave said. “It is so much bigger than that. In this career path, you have the opportunity to change people’s lives for the better. By staying focused on that mentality, I have found a way to make a living and live out my dream job of helping others.”