A New Career Is Not Always a Simple Choice


TITLE: Group Leader
FAMILY: Wife and two daughters
RESIDES IN: Wisconsin
START DATE: April 2015

Lucas worked in sales for 5 ½ years before finding the Platinum sales career. He was drawn to the insurance industry because of his personal connections to cancer, heart attack and stroke, and he wanted to protect families from the financial devastation these illnesses can cause. Another reason he was interested in insurance was the opportunity for renewal income. His uncle worked in the insurance industry, so Lucas was aware of the advantages of long-term residual income.

Once Lucas found the Platinum sales opportunity, he knew he would need to challenge himself to commit to the Platinum Process and training. This meant studying for his licensing exam and studying the training materials provided to him. Lucas immediately flashed back to his days in school when he preferred to avoid studying. But, with the help of his wife, personnel manager and the testing materials provided, Lucas passed his licensing test on the first try.

Before fully committing to Platinum, however, Lucas took some time to reassess whether this was the right career move for him. He and his wife discussed the time away from home and the income potential at Platinum versus the future outlook Lucas had in his former career. “Together, we decided that Platinum was a company of integrity and, from the top down, just an awesome support group,” Lucas said.

Committing to the Process and a Better Future

Choosing Platinum was a decision Lucas and his wife ultimately made for the betterment of their whole family. “Being on the road away from the kids is tough, but we knew that going in. Before Platinum, I didn’t know if I was going to have to work week nights. I worked a lot of weekends, Saturdays and even Sundays,” Lucas said.

“There are pros and cons to every decision you make. Being gone four days is the con, but knowing I will be home three days is the pro. I get to spend a lot more time with my family now—more quality time. And, my wife and kids have all been very supportive of it.”

Once Lucas made the decision to commit to a career with Platinum, he immersed himself in the sales process that Platinum teaches. “Often times, people coming from sales think that sales is sales, no matter where you work. It is not. I had to wipe my slate clean and give up almost six years of habits I had made to commit to the Platinum Process. This is a huge key to success,” Lucas said.

Lucas understands that career changes often affect more than just one person, and that adjustments often need to be made. But, he likes to remind people who are debating a career change that there is a reason they are looking to begin with. “There is always a reason why you are looking for a new career, whether it is finances, the type of work, time off, or whatever it is, you were looking for a change, Lucas said. “And, in order to be successful and see that change through, you have to trust yourself and take that chance. Commit to it and apply the information you learn along the way, and you will be successful.”