Psst…Want to Know a Secret?

For 20 years, our No. 1 priority has been customer service. Find out our secret to saving customers time—and a headache.

Platinum Supplemental Insurance markets supplemental insurance policies that help protect over 70,000 customers throughout America’s heartland. We believe that our success as a company comes from putting our customers first, not only with the types of products we offer, but also through our daily customer service interactions. We are focused on fulfilling our mission to provide our customers with the best supplemental insurance products and services in the business.

In line with that mission, members of the Platinum family of customers enjoy a personal customer service experience with every exchange. If customers call with a question or a claim, a real person in our home office in Dubuque, Iowa, will be the first to take the call. Knowledgeable, courteous customer service specialists, who are licensed insurance agents, will always be on the other end of a call. Because we understand the time and detail required to handle a claim, the same customer service representative will be assigned to assist with each claim from start to finish. Imagine the time and frustration customers will be able to save when there is no longer a need to explain each claim to multiple people and departments!

Providing a quality customer service experience has been a focus of Platinum Supplemental Insurance since the company began. 20 years ago, this was written into the company’s mission statement and continues to be a driving focus for our employees and sales representatives. When it comes to supplemental insurance, there are many options. By choosing Platinum, customers can feel confident they’ve selected the best product and customer service in the industry.