Platinum Careers: Quality Products

Platinum’s mission to provide the best supplemental health insurance products and services possible is the driving force behind every feature of the products we market and every interaction with our customers.

Good and Bad News: How a Diagnosis Impacts Our Financial Plans

High-impact illnesses like cancer, stroke and heart attack can burden your financial plans long after diagnosis and treatment, so it makes sense to prepare for your financial future with supplemental health insurance products marketed by Platinum. When diagnosed with a critical illness, living a longer life means paying additional medical-related costs. For example, in 2014, […]

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Meet Ann, Customer Service Supervisor

Ann is a customer service supervisor in Platinum’s Customer Service Department. With 15 years of experience, she can help ease the burden and hassle of filing claims, and expertly walk you through the process. Hello! My name is Ann, and I’m the supervisor of Platinum’s Customer Service Department. In purchasing a supplemental health insurance product […]

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Wellness Pays

You value your health. That is why you get a physical and diagnostic tests annually. We believe it is important for people to take a proactive approach to their health. Platinum now markets policies that provide benefits for common wellness care. After all, you should be able to use the benefits from your policy, even […]

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Farm and Family Friendly

Farming and ranching are high-risk professions. However, out-of-pocket expenses associated with an accident or illness shouldn’t affect whether you can afford to continue farming or not. In 2015, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported that 1 in 5 farmers were in debt because of medical bills. Nationally, medical costs continue to rise.1 Unfortunately, if someone […]

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Platinum Supports and Honors Cancer Survivors

Platinum Supplemental Insurance prides itself on partnering with Relay for Life in Dubuque, Iowa, to honor cancer survivors and raise funds for research to find a cure. Platinum Supplemental Insurance is dedicated to helping families affected by cancer. This includes members of Platinum’s office family, like Human Resources Manager Angie Gravel. Angie is a cancer […]

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Lump It and (Actually) Like It

For those faced with a cancer diagnosis, having a cancer supplemental insurance policy with a lump-sum cash benefit can give you the financial freedom to focus on treatment and recovery—not expenses. When you’re diagnosed with cancer, your health won’t wait for you to explore your financial options before deciding on a treatment plan. With a […]

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